March 25, 2019

2018 FinTech Funding Analysis – India

India continues to evince considerable interest in the global FinTech narrative. At MEDICI, we have been closely tracking the evolution and growth of the Indian FinTech landscape over the years. Accordingly, an in-depth look at India’s FinTech funding has been presented in the recently published the India FinTech Report (IFR) 2019 by MEDICI, which also includes detailed insights on the market structure and investment cycle of Indian FinTech companies. The report goes on to illustrate how India has emerged as one of the leading FinTech markets globally, highlighting the evolution, growth, funding, major changes, and trends among FinTech companies in the country. India’s Evolution as a FinTech Nation The IFR 2019 summarizes FinTech’s evolution in India in four steps: Solving for identity in the form of Aadhaar for formalization. Getting everyone a bank account or equivalent (PMJDY) to store money. Building a scalable platform(s) to move money (IMPS, UPI, etc.)….

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