January 14, 2019

2018 Funding Trends: Asia Showed Highest Growth; US still the Biggest

In our constant pursuit of delivering the most distinctive and unparalleled FinTech trends and developments around the globe, MEDICI conducted extensive analysis in its database of 13k plus FinTech companies. Having our own source of high-quality data allows us to bottom-up FinTech funding trends at a country-level. We grounded the data by leveraging our proprietary database of and mapped thousands of funded startups to their headquarters for providing an understanding of the highest level of funding by countries or regions over the period of last two years. Since some of these FinTech startups have global operations; this analysis has been done by mapping the funding deals to their headquarters. Bottom-up research helped us to arrive on the following conclusions: 1. Country-Specific FinTech Funding Trends The global FinTech industry continues to witness a strong growth on a year-on-year basis and 2018 was no exception. On analyzing these funding deals at a…

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