October 25, 2018

Bancassurance – The Impact of Re-Bundling in Finance

The great unbundling of finance has been a big theme for a number of years as ~12,000 FinTech startups emerged to offer standalone solutions for every bank service. Superior UX/CX, standalone solutions, however, do not necessarily resonate with the needs of consumers. Unbundling touched a range of industries – television, insurance, education – but finance appears to be the industry that will make a full circle back to re-bundling – in a new form – despite a greater specialization than other industries. The re-bundling in finance Re-bundling in the form of integrations or partnerships is believed to have a multitude of benefits for businesses involved. A global survey of business executives conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit three years ago asked business executives about the ROI or areas of improvement that their organizations have seen from their most significant digital partnerships. Here are some of the responses: 26% said their…

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