February 28, 2019

Breaking Down the FinTech Industry

At MEDICI, we track 12,000+ FinTech startups across dozens of segments and subsegments and are able to draw the most detailed picture of the FinTech industry. Let’s look at that picture on a more granular level. Payments startups have long been the most represented in the FinTech landscape, traditionally followed by lending. But as our platform becomes more precise and data-rich, WealthTech has emerged as the most represented segment among the 18 segments that we track. In total, there are 2,180+ WealthTech startups (compared to 1,900+ in payments and 1,750+ in lending), broken down into five subsegments: PFM: 749 Investment platforms: 257 Financial research: 278 Robo-advisors: 108 Other investment platforms: 544 No wonder. With a projection of around $210 trillion in private wealth globally by 2019 – and $55 trillion in North America – wealth management may very well become one of the hottest segments in FinTech. Industry professionals suggest…

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