March 22, 2019

Challenges and Opportunities in the Ride-Sharing Industry

Ride-sharing is gaining popularity among commuters across the globe and the market is expanding at a rapid pace. Consumers are happy to pay for convenience and lesser fee compared to flag-down taxis. Identifying the factors that attract commuters and what makes them lose trust is vital for ride-sharing platforms. With the numerous opportunities available in this space, there are also many challenges that companies face in this space today. Drivers are critical to success Why are drivers so important in the ride-sharing business? Ride-sharing drivers are basically independent contractors and not always blocked by a single company. So, the more apps they register, the more options they have to explore and hence, make more money. Winning over drivers is an important part of a ride-sharing platform and the main factors that drivers care about are mostly income and flexibility. For instance, when we compare different markets, in countries like the…

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