June 8, 2018

Daily Review: Asia – The World’s Cradle of Futuristic Developments

Modern cross-industry champions made choices that guided them to leading positions, but as environments around the world rapidly change, every organization needs to re-evaluate its stance on every front. Even a very powerful conglomerate like Alibaba must continuously and aggressively transform their strategies to respond to rising competition and rapid adoption of advanced technologies by major competitors. To do so, Alibaba opens doors to seemingly unrelated industries by focusing its technological capabilities to solve old problems in the biggest and most relevant segments for its main market industries. Tencent is not playing games either. By 2020, there will hardly be any Tencent-free industry (whether there will be an Alibaba-free industry is also doubtful). Staying true to its principle to improve users’ lives through the means of digitization and technology, as Meng Zhang, General Manager of Tencent Medical, said, the company, aside from building the future of retail, propelling digital applications…

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