July 26, 2018

Designing Delightful Banking Experiences

“Good services are verbs, bad services are nouns,” the UK Government states. “To a user, a service is something that helps them to do something – like learn to drive, buy a house, or become a childminder. Notice these are all verbs.” For a variety of reasons, the financial services industry is not traditionally associated with values such as user experience, transparency, and innovation. About 78% of the time that customers spend on offline banking services is wasted. It’s as big of a loss for the customer as it is for the financial institution. As for online experiences, relatively minor attention is given to UI/UX design at the top level, leaving financial products at a stage of layering text over text, complex structures, transitions and other rather repelling features. Some estimates suggest that abandonment rates for online banking applications are somewhere around 97%. Others report that one in three consumers…

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