March 1, 2019

DigiLocker: Unlocking the Potential

DigiLocker is a secure, cloud-based platform for storage, issuance, and verification of documents in a digital way. Consumers and service providers, including financial service providers, face challenges including administrative overheads caused by the physical documents and verifying the authenticity of documents. The DigiLocker system is a response to these challenges. Consistent with the above, they have the following objectives: Enable e-signing of documents and make them available electronically and online Minimize the use of physical documents Ensure the authenticity of e-documents, thereby eliminating usage of fake documents Secure access to government-issued documents through a web portal and mobile application for residents Reduce administrative overhead of entities consuming these documents on account of legal and regulatory compliance To borrow from the language of platforms, DigiLocker is a three-sided platform comprising of subscribers, issuers, and requestors.* Public policy regarding the DigiLocker is to license “Digital Locker Service Providers” (DLSPs) to manage this…

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