June 14, 2018

FinTech Firms in Asia Raised $858 Million in May 2018

FinTech firms in Asia raised close to $857.7 million across 33 disclosed financing deals, including two ICOs. The total number of FinTech financing deals in Asia in May 2018 was 40. The largest number of deals were made in India (47.5%), followed by Singapore (20%), China (12.5%), Malaysia and Singapore – with 2.5% of deals each. Lending was the most represented segment – 23% of all firms that raised funds in May 2018 in Asia were lending companies, followed by InsurTech (18%), Blockchain (13%), and Capital Markets Tech (8%). The distribution of funds was slightly different from the representation: while InsurTech startups are representing 18% of all startups that were involved in financing deals in Asia in May 2018 (following only Lending startups), they topped the charts in terms of value raised. Out of the approximate $858 million in disclosed financing, 28% went into the InsurTech segment (~$239 million), followed…

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