June 12, 2018

FinTech Startups in the Americas Raised $2+ Billion in Funding in May 2018

A total of 57 funding deals took place in the Americas in May 2018. The 52 disclosed funding rounds hit ~$2.034 billion, out of which US startups are responsible for ~$1.995 billion raised across 51 deals – that is over 98% of the funds raised by FinTech startups globally. Canada was represented by three startups that raised funds (Katipult, Mindbridge, and NorthOne), while Argentina (Moni, $3 million), Brazil (Banco Neon, $22 million), and Chile (Ceptinel, $1 million) each had one startup scoring funding in May 2018. Source: MEDICI Research With an 18% representation (the highest), blockchain startups are on the third place by the value of funds raised – close to $240 million. Payments startups, on the other hand, while among the least represented ones, raised the most funds by value – $777 million. Source: MEDICI Research An enormous disparity in funding between the Payments segment and all other categories…

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