October 22, 2018

Goldman Sachs, UBS, and JPMorgan Are Leading Banks’ Charge in the Race for Global Tech Talent

In the past few years, the emergence of FinTech has arguably been the biggest driver of change in the evolving FinServ landscape. The newer, nimbler startups have not only brought forward innovative business models and solutions but also brought about a much-needed cultural and strategic shift in the way traditional bankers perceive banking. With a growing focus on superior user experience, swifter mobile apps, data analytics, and open architecture driven by API integrations, the bid towards comprehensive digital transformation is pushing banks to incorporate more and more tech talent in their workforce. In this day and age, when tech giants are threatening to take away market share from FinServ incumbents, banks need a vast and skilled pool of tech talent to match with the Amazons, Alibabas, and Googles of the world. Tech talent plays a major role in the digital transformation efforts by banks, especially with the dynamically evolving technology…

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