September 25, 2018

Here’s How Merchant Services Have You Covered From Contactless Payment Fraud

Not too long ago, manual credit card imprinters used to be the norm at any cashier’s station. The customer would wait while the cashier pulled out a clunky looking machine and made an imprint on the card used for the purchase. Nowadays, we have contactless payments, and the whole process moves along much smoother. However, it seems that the new tech has also brought about its fair share of controversy. \ In a recent video, a man is shown using a card terminal to process a contactless payment from an unsuspecting victim with a cell phone in his pocket. The man put the payment machine close to the victim’s pocket, and the machine detected the card and processed the payment. The video has stirred controversy in the payments industry. \ Contactless payment technologies use radio-frequency identification, which can be implemented on phones, watches, and other wearable devices. For this reason,…

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