March 13, 2019

How Blockchain Technology Could Help Voting Systems

The word “blockchain” has been occupying a lot of news headlines recently. Every day, we learn about new startups being launched to solve notorious issues in an entirely new way – all by utilizing the blockchain technology. Generally speaking, it comes as no surprise to hear that technology built to power cryptocurrencies has disrupted the banking and financing sector. After all, cryptocurrencies are an integral part of it, so we could say that blockchain’s contribution to this industry was pretty much expected, if not obvious. However, blockchain has also found implementations in industries where we are not quite used to see advanced information technology. For example, we might wonder how it could help with public affairs or existing voting systems. Things like identity theft, fake documents, or inefficient public administration could all become things of the past thanks to the blockchain’s features such as immutability and sustainability of records. Government…

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