July 9, 2018

In the US, 12% of Equity Crowdfunding Platforms Drove 72% of Regulation CF Offerings in 2017

The global startup landscape is growing. Every day, innovative ideas meet advanced technologies and newer business models are conceived. However, a capital investment is what makes a business flourish. While the global VC funding continues to grow, there is still a significant amount of unmet demands, resulting in a major gap in investments. Several alternative forms of investments are filling these gap areas. While ICOs – which are one of the forms of alternative investments – have been the talk of the business world in the past couple of years, it is equity crowdfunding which needs to be talked about more. Equity crowdfunding enables businesses to receive investments from a large group of accredited/unaccredited investors in return for the ownership of a small piece of that business. While the equity crowdfunding landscape across countries varies based on the regulations, the US is one of the most interesting markets in this…

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