January 28, 2019

India’s Largest FinTech Conclave Is Here: This Time 3X the Scale

In 2016, while Zone Startups’ corporate initiatives were on the rise, the only sector from which there was a tremendous response was the BFSI industry. In spite of being in the interesting domain of innovation and startups, Zone Startups soon realized that the universe of FinTechs in India was a finite number, and almost all corporates were investing time, money, and resource to tap into this FinTech startup ecosystem, which had a finite number of startups. So, instead of launching multiple, parallel partner driver programs, Zone Startups adopted an approach of creating a platform to bring together diverse stakeholders interested in the FinTech ecosystem. While we are increasingly seeing more and more incumbents from the industry and growth-stage FinTechs throng international shores on the sidelines of grand FinTech events – such as Money2020, Paris FinTech Forum, Singapore FinTech Festival to name some – there is enough and more potential to…

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