August 22, 2018

Innovation Is at the Forefront for Infosys Finacle

FinTechs are reimagining banking customer journeys. As incumbent banks struggle to keep up with changing technology requirements and customer expectations, FinTechs have been quick to leverage the opportunities to attract banking customers. However, as many FinTechs have realized, sustaining the initial success will require collaboration instead of competition with banks. FinTechs with global aspirations should work towards embedding into the existing technology landscape at large incumbent banks. Nonetheless, challenges abound. In most cases, FinTech startups do not have the reach or the means to get into large banks. In the rare cases where the doors do open, FinTechs struggle to cope up with cultural differences, tech compatibilities, and the overall delivery demands. What would definitely help is going in with a strong partner with the right connections with global banks along with domain and technology expertise. Infosys Finacle, the industry-leading banking solution provides one such partnership program – Finacle FinTech…

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