March 7, 2019

JPM Coin: A Closer Look at Why it Could be a Big Deal

If you were online on February 14 this year, you couldn’t have missed what many in the FinTech industry claimed was the announcement of the year – the launch of JPMorgan’s new digital currency, dubbed JPM Coin. Here’s what is interesting: right after the announcement, the cryptocurrency market saw a massive upward spike that analysts believe was a reaction to the launch of JPM Coin. Since then, it has been written about a lot. If you’re confused about why this is such a big deal, read on. What is JPM Coin & how is it different from other cryptocurrencies? JPM Coin is powered by blockchain technology; in particular, by Quorum which is a distributed ledger platform jointly developed by JPMorgan and a few of its partners. Unlike the publicly-traded Bitcoin or Ethereum, JPM Coin is private or permissioned, which means, it will be controlled by and traded within JPMorgan. Initially,…

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