December 19, 2018

MEDICI Top 30 FinTech Leaders in Italy 2019

The right leadership plays an invaluable role in defining the success of any business venture along with a combination of other factors, whether it’s economic conditions, federal support, or the regulatory environment. Every country has its own community of thought leaders dedicated to national success. Being one of the hubs of niche leadership, Italy is home to some of the most inspiring tech and finance leaders – the thinkers and doers. Matteo Rossanigo, Group Digital & Innovation Manager at Mediobanca, notes, “One of the main assets of the Italian startup landscape is the talent behind it. Entrepreneurship is at the heart of Italian culture and economy.” MEDICI Top 30 FinTech Leaders in Italy 2019 includes some of the most prominent figures in Italy’s FinTech and FinServ space. It includes startup founders/CXOs, bankers, technologists, industry experts/advisors, and people who run associations & industry bodies. Alberto Dalmasso, Founder, Satispay (LinkedIn) Aldo Pecora,…

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