October 29, 2018

Q3 2018 Global FinTech Investments Roundup

The year 2018 continues to shine for global FinTech investments – in Q3 of 2018, the global FinTech community raised more than $22.66 billion in VC/PE investments and acquisitions/buyouts. While the FinTech startups raised $11.36 billion worth of VC/PE funding in Q3 of 2018, the landscape also saw 62 acquisitions and buyouts with the disclosed deal value of $11.3 billion. Out of the 62 deals, 45 didn’t disclose the deal value – which highlights the fact that the intensity in FinTech acquisitions and buyouts was even higher in terms of deal value. In terms of VC/PE investments, the total of this quarter’s funding value ($11.33 billion in Q3 2018) has almost equaled the overall funding raised in the first six months of 2017 ($12.25 billion). The US led the global VC/PE funding race with $4 billion worth of funding in Q3, 2018, with a 35% share in terms of total…

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