September 6, 2018

Social Engineering: The Elusive Adversary in Cybersecurity

Securing enterprise information is a difficult job – protecting systems, networks & endpoints from ever-evolving external and internal threats is a constantly moving target. Social engineering makes it a next-to-impossible feat as it sneaks under the radar and slowly spreads its tentacles. What Is Social Engineering? It can be broadly classified as any attempt where the criminals don’t try to breach a network through system vulnerabilities, but by playing on human psychology and manipulating people into breaking normal security procedures and best practices. The attack makes people share sensitive information that is used to gain access to physical locations, systems or networks. An organization could have the best firewalls in place, the best cybersecurity systems and procedures implemented, and yet realize one fine morning that it has lost sensitive information to cybercriminals. The Construct of a Social Engineering Attack Unlike a general phishing attack with blind emails or calls to…

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