April 1, 2019

Tencent’s Payment & FinTech Business, an Important Revenue Growth Driver

Tencent recently announced its FY 18 results and the total revenue for the company at USD 45.46 billion grew by 24.5% on a YoY basis and net profit to the shareholders at USD 11.44 billion increased by 4.22% on a YoY basis. Tencent divides its total revenue into three segments: Value-Added Services (comprises of social networks & online games) Online Advertising Others The Others segment primarily consists of Payment & FinTech services, Cloud services, and other services. For this article, we will focus on Payment & FinTech services. The Payment & FinTech services of Tencent comprise the following: Weixin/WeChat Pay: An integrated feature in Weixin/WeChat (instant messaging and social entertainment mobile app), Weixin/WeChat Pay is a mobile payment solution. QQ Wallet: QQ Wallet is integrated into QQ instant messaging platform for PC and mobile. QQ Wallet is a mobile payment product that incorporates multiple payment methods such as bank card…

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