The API Bandwagon Has Picked up Pace in the World of FinServ – Courtesy FinTech


The emergence of FinTech as a disruptor has been paralleled by some of the best in class tech innovation. APIs are one such example, which has driven the FinTech innovation over the past 5-6 year. Over the past few years, the growing discussion and regulatory/industry-wide initiatives around open banking, the new wave in bank-FinTech partnerships, and the growing emphasis on open architecture have been the key drivers pushing for APIs to take center stage in FinServ’s journey towards a comprehensive digital transformation. The advent of API-driven innovation has been instrumental in transforming the way businesses operate. A set of protocols facilitating interaction between two or more systems, APIs enable secure, cost-effective, and controlled access of the data and capabilities between two parties. While the level of ‘openness’ or the extent of permission needed for data sharing depends on the type of API in question – i.e. private API/partner API/open API….

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