November 21, 2018

The Holy Grail of Successful Corporate Innovation

Many corporate leaders hire external consultants for advice on HOW innovation teams shall be structured, or what processes they shall follow. However, I believe relying on external expertise for such advice may not be the most effective use of corporate funds, because innovation is not something that should be imposed in a form of a declaration or rulebook from the outside. Unfortunately, this is a very popular approach, which I am afraid, has more chance to stifle and suffocate corporate innovation, than to inspire and invigorate it. What is the secret recipe for successful innovation then, if it may not be something that can be easily imported, outsourced, prescribed, or bought off the shelf? The answer is not that simple, despite what an army of consultants, from the Innovation Industrial Complex, keep telling us. Most organizations, large and small, still continue to struggle with the quality of their innovation outcomes,…

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