December 5, 2018

The Road to Faster Payments in the US

Now that The Clearing House’s Real-Time Payment (RTP) rail has several major banks live, when will we start to see the United States embrace faster payments? Ubiquity and the use of APIs and overlay services on top of real-time rails can move a country toward RTP adoption – just as we’ve seen happen in other parts of the world. But when will the US stop playing catch-up? Open Banking fuels innovation Open Banking hasn’t been formally embraced in the United States as it has been in the UK, Europe, Singapore, and Australia. This is mainly because it hasn’t been driven by regulation or central authorities. Yet an increasing number of US financial institutions are choosing to open their APIs to better collaborate with FinTechs and compete with the innovations Open Banking brings forth in other parts of the world. Over the past five years, we’ve seen a correlation between faster…

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