February 7, 2019

Why Adyen is One of the Most Powerful Payments Platforms

A 2018 study designed to understand consumers’ shopping experiences, preferences, behaviors, and the impact of digital trends, found that the demand for immersive interactions is shifting competition in retail from price points to experiences. In an increasingly connected world of demanding consumers, the ability to offer seamless and relevant experiences across borders and channels can make or break a business. To compete effectively in today’s environment, retailers must go beyond selling a product or service to delivering experiences that cater to their customers’ own unique needs. With about 86% of US consumers leaving a store due to long lines, resulting in purchases at a different retailer or no purchase at all, approximately $37.7 billion are lost in potential sales. In addition, the study suggests that $1.1 billion in potential sales have been lost when retailers don’t support their customers’ preferred payment methods. And this is where business models built on…

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